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Dan Pullen


It’s fair to say that WWII devastated France and with it, its industry. Commercial vehicles were in high demand but in short supply and coupled with the scarcity of materials, Citroën acted quickly by diving into the spares bin of the Traction Avant and seeing what they could conjure up from minimal tooling, design and […]

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Recyclable cups? Yes, but no

When I started my business it was important to me that I was kind to the environment. As an owner-operator, it’s easy for me to control every aspect of what I do so I figured it would be easy enough to collect all my used milk containers, cans and as many used coffee cups and […]

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We’re Expanding & Need You!

Sussex Coffee Trucks has had an incredibly successful first year trading despite all the difficulties the world has seen with Covid 19 and is looking to expand. The original business plan was based around the events market but sadly this hasn’t been possible so far due to cancellations and health and safety restrictions. As a […]

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Filter Coffee – Brew Guide

I’m going to keep this really short and simple. Filter coffee done right is absolutely lush. I’d go as far as saying that I prefer it to espresso-based drinks when you extract the flavour from an incredible bean in the right way. But like so many things there are a few basic rules to follow […]

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Everything’s ‘ground’ to a halt

According to Wikipedia ‘A pandemic is an epidemic occurring on a scale that crosses international boundaries, usually affecting people on a worldwide scale’That sums up our current situation pretty well I’d say.Apparently the leaders of the world knew about such risks and had made provision. I, on the other hand, had not. Maybe it’s just […]

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Why start a coffee truck?

Freedom. I guess that’s the word that sums up my new business and the model that attracted me in the first place.To be free to focus on what’s important to me.In life. In business. In the community. In nature. Having run a bike shop and cafe in Brighton station for almost 5 years I had […]

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