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Sussex Coffee Trucks has had an incredibly successful first year trading despite all the difficulties the world has seen with Covid 19 and is looking to expand.

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The original business plan was based around the events market but sadly this hasn’t been possible so far due to cancellations and health and safety restrictions. As a result, I’ve focussed solely on my regular pitches and these are now well established. But I can’t be in two places at once, so I’m planning my next truck.

With two coffee trucks, I can maintain continuity with all my existing pitches whilst being able to attend as many local events as possible which would be fantastic for everyone.

But I need another me. A coffee lover. Preferably a trained barista with high volume coffee shop experience. Someone whos driven to succeed. Someone professional. Hard working. With a keen eye for detail. Excellent customer service skills. Able to solve problems quickly and efficiently. Someone with a full UK driving license whos not worried about driving a left hand drive 3.5 tonne food truck slowly around the county and who can do so responsibly and sympathetically! Someone who wouldn’t mind doing back to back 10/12 hour days, making and serving exceptional drinks and home made cakes, ensuring perfection each and every time.

And what would this person receive in return? Well, they’d have the opportunity to effectively run their own business. Once they understand the way I want things done they get to work alone without a boss breathing down their neck. They would build their own relationships with their own customers and attend as many events as they wanted. They would have the opportunity to shape things and would be key to business success for years to come.

And what about money? Well, the sky is literally the limit. I’d put a generous day rate together for the successful candidate plus a realistic and attractive bonus scheme based on turnover. So the more your able to take on the day, the more you’ll make! Simple as that.

Interested? Think you’d be a great candidate for this role? Then get in touch!

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